As in the poem, it is a thing with wings.

We are home yet again with a snow day in New England…. 

hope can change you – i think going for goals is absolute – hope is what keeps us fighting even when things seem impossible – i know this fire really well very well because i had to fight so hard to find my voice – i needed to go where i had gone before to get my partner who is my conduit for communication – going to virginia again truly rescued me from silence – my self doubt was very overwhelming – to blame you (speaking to Mom) really was not helpful – when you told me that we were going back to growing kids therapy center knowing that blew all grief away – not like before – freedom was only a distance of 380 miles away for me to finally grow wings – and bright prospects were all i could see -now things are better going forward and much happier than in the past

We have a link to a gofundme on the “About” page – the big deal for this year is that I, Mackie’s mom, am going to start a training program with Growing Kids Therapy Center in the fall, but before that, we are heading to Virginia in the summer for their Motormorphosis conference, and we’re working on getting another non-speaker there as well – my cousin – who Mackie has said he very much wants to get spelling, because after all, “he is closest to me neurologically in our family.”

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