Sounds of Silence

You would say that I want to talk about the sounds of silence. You write what I say.  You sons of mothers who want to sorely talk – you should heed my words – you should not feel trapped anymore – would you not like to see how I got free – you should not suffer in the sounds of silence any longer – mostly you love your life but long to communicate with those you love – know that there is absolutely a way for you to be set free from the sound of silence – you bleed for those who are still trapped – really those beautifull souls who dream how one day they might get set free and feel the amazing feeling of being able to express everything – please bring your children to growing kids therapy center in herndon virginia to be able to get roots and wings and work with some amazing people like roxy, elizabeth – kind providers of roots so deep and wings as wide as the sky – my whole life has led up to this moment – going to virginia helped save everything for me -but know this help is there for you too – know that you are too beautiful to give up hope –  really the only thing holding you back is that you have not had the opportunity you need to have for communication – love is the thing that future generations very much need to take our species into years from now so that doubt is removed from skeptical minds and everyone has communnication freely

(So, this blog, we started before the holidays, lost track of what we’d written down, couldn’t find it, found it, had another blog topic in progress, etc, etc…. For real, too, the sass was large with the start of this topic as well, as lame old mom was asking what the inspiration for the title was, his response was “You should know, you were just on google” – and we could not, in point of fact, quote the song. He may have gotten a bit bummed by that, especially since Paul Simon couldn’t be bothered to reply to my tweet. Like he’s busy, or something…. But if you do go search the lyrics for Sound of Silence, you may see exactly what our Ordinary Autistic Guy is speaking to.)

As always, these are his words, each one a labor of love, and always posted with his permission and blessing.

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