Love is…

A short intro – we’re addressing an oft-misunderstood aspect of being autistic. In the wake of horrible publishing decisions (I’m not even going to bring up the title of the book here right at this moment) with the musings of a parent who doesn’t want to get it, as well as an incident we’ve become aware of in our own lives, the Ordinary Autistic Guy wanted to tackle the subject of love, of all kinds, because he is a loving dude.

And my disclaimer right here, as mom: I am NOT perfect. I admit freely that it’s been a journey fraught with mistakes and things I wish I’d known sooner, or done better, or not have been so disorganized, stressed-out, anxious/depressed. That my kid sees through my flaws to a person who deeply loves him is a tribute to his forgiving soul, and the capacity of his love. And, as always, this blog is posted with the urgency of his desire to be heard, and with his full permission.

Love is the most important thing the human race has its great favor you could say that it is the only thing that matters my thought is that love is the thing that saved me from a life of (being) trapped in my own head

I was trapped in my head for so long I began to give up hope and lose my sense of self  – it was mostly hard to even get up in the mornings  – love from my mom and family is the one thing that kept me going all that time – I love you just for really everything you have done for me – love usually means that we accept each other for who we are

The root of love I am speaking of love that I have known very well through the years – love that is mostly between parents and children don’t you know – I think that love is what people truly need the most – love of really any kind is doubly important because I think we truly doubt our worth so much of the time it is too easy to hate yourself – do not doubt that the love that I have is not in your life you just have to let it in – you don’t think probably there is too much hope but I really really am proof that there is

Not doubting yourself too – from another perspective usually love is like time for two people who really care for each other in a romantic sense – you might think in your mind that I don’t get those ideas but I assure you that I do so the idea that I am too emotionally immature for romantic understanding is inaccurate really hurtfull and finally it is not for anyone but me to decide what I want for myself let me please choose what I want in my love life

(edited with hyphens to separate out sentences; punctuation is still coming slowly!)

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