Good wishes

Hello all,

Mackie and I did not want to let too much time go by before posting, and sharing a bit of what has been going on.

The last, most recent post he wrote was far more difficult for him than any of his other efforts up until then. I was not, and am not, completely certain what is at play. Without going into too much detail, he’s been struggling – first we thought it might be mostly sleep-related, based on what he was able to share. In that he is able to get specific these days about what he’s experiencing, we made as many adjustments as possible to enable him to sleep better. That helped enough for him to start being able to share that he’s been experiencing headaches, et cetera.

Therefore, our immediate priority is to ensure that he is in good health and *feeling* good. When he is more up to writing here again, he may choose to address what’s been happening, or not – this is going to be his call. That said, he would appreciate “good wishes”, that he wants so badly to blog again, and if there are any autistics reading this (especially for whom this seems familiar territory), he would love to have some supportive (he says, no pity party, please!) words. Thank you – and lots of love to all!

-Mackie’s mom

One thought on “Good wishes”

  1. Good thoughts coming your way, Mackie. You’ve got people thinking good things for you that you’ve never even met! Take good care, we will be here when you are ready and able!


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