Getting started

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Mackie at Mystic Seaport in August, 2017

This is just a “Hi!” from the blogosphere to let everyone know that we are here, and that Mackie is (mostly) ready to write. This is his mom. I am his communication partner, as well as his dramatic foil, for the most part since he is a teenager. In spite of my best (okay, better…well, at least trying to try) efforts, he does get really annoyed with me. It’s part of the territory, especially when you have to painstakingly spell out each thought on a letterboard. It’s exhausting for him.

That leads me to my next *thing*, which is this. I get that there will be people out there who doubt our experience. I know that there may be those who want to immediately react and share their (ahem) feelings of doubt. I ask you to be thoughtful about it. For one thing, this is my kid, and while he’s pretty much a giant supernova of love most of the time, you will break his heart by being mean. So, please, use your manners. Consider only posting a comment after you’ve taken a few hours to think about what you’d plan on saying.

Take a page from Mackie, who wants to remind people of their “better selves”.

This blog is going to act as his place to lay out his thoughts on the world, to share some righteous positivity (unless he’s really ticked off at me), and apparently, to ponder his deep love of The Roots. I’m told that Questlove and the guys are, “musically totally too awesome.”

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